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Translation by Cici.

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DAY6’s August has heated up just like the red hot sun. <Every DAY6 August> will please your ears with intense rock and musical-style sound as well as make your heart race with heartfelt words.

The title track “What Can I Do” speaks of the beautiful love where, although your heart does not feel the same way mine does, I have acknowledged I am deeply in love and my heart is aching with passion.
Meanwhile everyone will be able to sympathize with the lyrics of “Whatever!”. They speak of how life is tough and tiring, but even the slightest moment dreaming of running away can knock some strength to cope with the day again into young people’s chests.

Let us listen closely to the music they want to present, ardent like the Korean summer yet at the same time refreshing.


Corner for closely studying the DAY6 Teaser





[Young K]








Photo 2


Official comeback revealed by DAY6 themselves!

Corner for questions and answers about the monthly albums


Young K

Q. Last month’s “Hi Hello” was about finding love, but this time it’s a song about an unrequited crush again. Please give us a brief introduction to the song “What Can I Do”.

Jae: Indeed, yet another unrequited love song came out…

Young K: Rather than making the story connect over the months, we are doing our best to fill each song with new feelings. This song has an awesome twist but we worried about how to express it. 

JaeYou mean the song’s atmosphere right?

Young K:  Yes, there’s a really strong atmosphere reversal halfway through the song, but we worried a lot about how to express it so that it would feel fun and not too awkward. Maybe you will know what I mean when you listen to the song.

JaeI think the twist came out nicely. The song is good… Really good…


Jae 2

Q. Unlike the heartrending lyrics, the sound is powerful.
Is it to express the strong feelings of love to the counterpart, or…?

Young K: We wanted to give the twist through the sound. The first part is really powerful and somewhat… um…

Wonpil: Wild!

Young K: Yes, it has a wild feeling to it, and as for the chorus, it is really bright and… 

Sungjin: Mild!

Jae: Wild and mild~

Wonpil: As you said, the powerful sound is to express the strong feelings of love to the counterpart. It came out this way from wondering how to express through sound the feeling of “What should I say? The feelings are overflowing!”.

Sungjin: The song’s melody itself expresses the heart’s feelings but it’s also about how you’re somewhat suppressing them and telling yourself “Why can’t you do it?!”.

Jae: This squashed heart is expressed through the crushing fuzz noise right?

Sungjin: Yes~ Great ending right? That’s correct. It’s exactly how we meant to arrange it.



Q.  We expected the fast bpm of an upbeat performance song for the accompanying track “Whatever!”. However it unexpectedly came out with an emotional sound. With what intention did you create this track?

Wonpil: We wanted to fill it with the stories of our peers.

Young K: Wonpil gave me the idea.

Wonpil: Not long ago I met up with some friends, and they talked a lot about how they going through hard times recently. I heard about the worries and hardships experienced by regular students or people from our age group, and I couldn’t help remembering them every so and then. So I talked to Young K, he said “Okay, no problem” right away and wrote the song. As expected of him.

Young K: Wonpil said he sort of had an image of mischievous youngsters in mind, something like troublemakers in school uniforms? He was thinking of an atmosphere that screamed Let’s all have fun together!”. We created the song using this theme combined with lyrics inspired by the conversations between Wonpil and his friends.

Young K

Young K 2

Q. The lyrics seem to be about falling head over heals for one girl. Is there anything that DAY6 has recently fallen completely in love with? 

Sungjin: I have very much fallen in love with food recently.

Young K: As for me it’s anime!

Wonpil: Movie appreciation.

Jae: It’s always basketball of course.

Dowoon: I’m watching Game of Thrones!

DAY6: Also our My Days!



Q.  You filmed the music video in a school wearing uniforms. Could you give us your inner thoughts as well as behind-the-scenes facts if there are any? 

Jae: This time we really did an original and fun shoot.

Dowoon: First of all, I’d like to point out that my character in the music video was my complete opposite. The character was really chic and blunt while I am usually nothing like that, so it was really hard for me.

Sungjin:  But you fit the character really well. It was exactly the right one for you.

Young K: As for me, I was so embarrassed. So so so so embarrassed that my cheeks were red. There’s something about acting while wearing school uniforms that puts me off.

Jae: Young K, Dowoon and Sungjin did some real ‘acting’ for many scenes so it was fun to watch. Wonpil and I were just ourselves.

Wonpil: Not at all, I was also acting! When have I ever secretly peeked at people like that?

Jae: Don’t you do it everyday when you come to our room and stare at us sneakily?…

Sungjin: It’s a been a long time since I took off my school uniform, so wearing one while doing a shoot was indeed a bit awkward. It’s also been a while since I went to school and it hit me how everything seemed so small. The chairs, the desks, everything was really small. I must have grown a lot.

Wonpil: I had a chat with the students there and they were feeling exactly the same as we did back in our student days.

Sungjin: That’s right, they worry about the future and such things.

Wonpil: It was king of touching.

Sungjin: We also gave some advice for this and that, and told them to hang in there…

Wonpil: It was fun, really.


Dowoon 2




Young K

Q. A word to your fans stifled by the summer humidity

DAY6: Although it’s hot, please be careful of the heat, and please give lots of love to our August track “What Can I Do”~♥ Stay healthy and let us have fun all together at our concerts!




Making-Of Video


DAY6 capable of creating power songs

A sneak peak at their song-making process

We present you DAY6 delivering in detail the behind-the-scenes of the song-making process for their August tracks!

Sungjin’s behind the scenes of “What Can I Do”

Wonpil’s behind the scenes of “Whatever!”


As time passes and we look back, we have to admit to ourselves that there were not only happy times.

However, we remember longer the briefest moments of happiness and smiles, which we beautify and display as if they were all we had, such that they become the fondest memories. 

A moment of happiness within our tired hearts and harsh realities, isn’t this the strength that carries us through the day? What DAY6 wishes to convey to us is that, what is important is to enjoy the moment’ here and now.

Pictures/Editing = JYP Entertainment




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