The nasty thing called depression…

It is amazing how complicated the human brain is, how unexpectedly it can attack and drown you. It can amazingly trigger emotions that you though was gone long ago but was instead waiting in the shadows. My first encounter with depression was in fall 2011. I recall those days to be the darkest in my [...]


[KGSP] Pai Chai University Campus 

[KGSP] Pai Chai University Campus 

Located in the Seogu district of Daejeon, Pai Chai University is one of the oldest universities in South Korea. Established in 1885 by the missionary Henry Appenzeller, Pai Chai University is known for having one of the best Korean Language Institutes in South Korea (which can be put up for discussion in my opinion). Being [...]

[KGSP] Things to prepare before going to South Korea (PART 2)

[KGSP] Things to prepare before going to South Korea (PART 2)

Step 4: Flight ticket NIIED issues the flight ticket based on the entry form you previously filled out and sent to them by email. NIIED sent out the flight tickets with a delay last year so we only received them in the beginning of August. Most of the scholars get their desired ticket but some [...]

[KGSP] Things to prepare before going to South Korea (PART 1)

Congratulations to all of you who passed the last round of selections and are almost halfway to South Korea. The application process and the specific rounds have each been challenging in their own way. However it is now time to take care of the last steps before going to South Korea. The last steps for [...]

[KGSP] Pai Chai University Korean Language Institute

After a hectic week with orientations and paperwork it was finally time to start the language training part of the scholarship. Pai Chai University is known for having a big number of KGSP students for the language training. This resulted in 6 classes for our batch of students. 3 beginner classes, 1 fast beginner class, [...]

[KGSP] NIIED Orientation

(NIIED Building) After the Pai Chai University orientation, we had a couple of days to finish the important stuff such as creating a bank account to start receiving the scholarship money. Since the language institute deals with our scholarship payment we also had to hand in a copy of our bankbook. The days after the [...]

[KGSP] Arrival to South Korea/Pai Chai University Orientation

I left Denmark the 21st of august to start the scholarship program in South Korea. My flight was scheduled together with some fellow KGSP students so we met at Amsterdam Schipol (where I had my connection flight) and started to get to know each other there. We all booked different seats on the flight to [...]