[Translation] Every DAY6 June – DAY6 MAGAZINE

[Translation] Every DAY6 June – DAY6 MAGAZINE

ALL COPYRIGHTS FOR PICTURES AND VIDEOS TO JYPE ENTERTAINMENT. ORIGINAL ARTICLE BY JYPNATION (BUT CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE). Translation by Cici. Prologue We are now passing the first half of 2017. The Every DAY6 project's precious new songs, which one can call proof of DAY6's musical development without exaggeration, have become a great compilation and are now [...]


[KGSP] Arrival to South Korea/Pai Chai University Orientation

I left Denmark the 21st of august to start the scholarship program in South Korea. My flight was scheduled together with some fellow KGSP students so we met at Amsterdam Schipol (where I had my connection flight) and started to get to know each other there. We all booked different seats on the flight to [...]

[KGSP] Pai Chai University – On-Campus Dormitories

(Paitel A Dormitory) I previously mentioned that I am currently studying in South Korea as part of the Korean Government Scholarship Program. One requirement of the scholarship is that students must go through a year of language studies if they have not yet acquired level 5 or 6 in TOPIK. I am therefore attending Korean language [...]